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Another close rescue the day before last with my slayer. If it weren't for Tara I knew we wouldn't have gotten out of there alive. I had almost repressed watching Solvei do what she did to Holmes. Not that he didn't deserve it I just hadn't seen anyone ever go so animalistic before. Well besides like Rambo or something like that but that doesn't count.

Then Solvei and Wesley got into it on the van ride home. I thought for a moment that I'd have to get in between the two of them but they worked it out and Wesley ran off. Had to give her a pep talk to get her back in the van.

It wasn't long before we heard back from the others that there was a big fight going on at the hotel and that they were all stuck in the hotel. Dean's brother Sam had shown up with his very pregnant fiance Anna and she was some sort of witch. She had put up a barrier spell that wouldn't let the demons in and that was definitely of the good. We found out just how good that was when we got there.

After Dean talked to his brother he found out that he had to stop and get some sort of tattoo from a shaman in Sedona. I guess he hadn't seen his brother in a while because of some demon deal. The tattoo made them able to see one another again. But the demons can't see them. Anyways, Sol ended up getting one too. Which seemed to bring her back to us along with the possibility of killing a lot of demons.

Did I mention that there were a lot of demons at the hotel? Just have to rehash that bit because there were thousands of them. And they had cave trolls that made the trolls from lord of the rings look like cuddly puppies. Tara tried to teleport into the hotel to see what was going on with them and she ended up not being able to. She, in fact, landed right in the middle of the demons. Sol, Dean, and Buffy rescued her and then there was a lot of fighting. There was a lot of exploding demon parts all over the place too. My theory is that Wes had a really big gun on top of one of the surrounding buildings and he was blowing away to help us out. I haven't gotten a confirmation on that as of yet though.

Then Dawn had the great idea to go out to Chinese. That was when Angel had a better idea. Shocker, right? That we should just order in. Dinner was fun. All of us talking and having a good time. It almost was like a family dinner. And in some ways it was. Thanks again Cordy.

Sol told me that her and Dean were going to go out with Sam and Anna to the bar. I didn't have a problem with that as long as she stayed in Dean's eyesight and didn't deviate from that like she was known to do. She agreed to that.

Sam and Anna came back to the hotel and I was scrounging on some leftovers when they came in. Sam asked me to invite everyone to their wedding that would be in the morning. I let everyone know. He also said that Sol and Dean had to take care of something and they'd be right home after. Sol told him to tell me. Sam also said that a few more friends would be showing up in the morning. He said Jo, and I nodded said that I knew her and that a Bobby would be coming too.

Was sleeping soundly in my bed and sometime in the very early hours of the morning I was awoken to the shouting of my very own slayer. She was declaring her love. Why she felt the need to wake us all up to let us know I had no idea. It might be time for me to have a 'hurt her, and I'll find a way to kill you' talk with Dean soon. But maybe that would be a little much. I needed to let Solvei fight her own battles. And the way that those two were with one another they'd be having a lot of those together.

Couldn't really get back to sleep after that. Spent some time on my computer. I was still trying to download as much as I could from the council database just in case any of us needed any of the info any time soon. Knowing our cast of characters we might need the information sooner rather than later.

Around six-thirty or so I decided that I needed coffee. Went downstairs and started to make a full pot because usually when fresh coffee was brewing everyone came running. Especially with three slayers in the vicinity. Got it all ready to go and hit the start button. That was when a middle aged man walked in the front door. He had on a ratty baseball hat. He had a beard and he looked like he felt like he was out of place. He also had a garment bag hung over his shoulder and he was carrying dress shoes in his other hand. Came out from behind the counter and said, "You must be Bobby, 'cause I've met Jo." He nodded and said, "Dean or Sam around this place?"

"Yep, they'll probably be down soon I guess. I can go get them if you want?" He shook his head, "Oh no, don't want to bother them this early. Is there somewhere where I could change into my suit?"

"Yep, there's quite a few rooms on the first flight of stairs up that haven't been taken. Just go in one with an open door."

He nodded and thanked me and headed up the stairs. That's when Jo walked in. She looked a lot different then when I first saw her. Gone were the jeans and t-shirt and now she was in a dress. She looked pretty hot actually. "Hey Jo."

"Hey, where is everybody? I thought everyone would be ready to go already." She said it with a smile but it was a little sarcastic sounding. I wondered what that meant.

"Dean and Sol aren't up yet as far as I know. They had a long night. Sam and Anna haven't come downstairs yet." I couldn't help myself. I had to take care of my girl a little. "Coffee is almost ready if you want some."

She walked over to the counter and leaned against it. "Sure, thanks."
08 January 2008 @ 08:57 pm
Anger was turning into rage when Cordelia started to compare me to my Dad. That was the ultimate low blow. I was nothing like my Dad. I was important. I had made something of myself. I was a watcher. Not the best watcher. I was no Giles that was for sure. Maybe I drank a little too much on occasion but I wasn't a drunk like like dear old Dad was.

The door to the hotel room slammed. I felt Cordy grab my arm. Everything had faded to black all of a sudden. My anger turned into curiosity. I felt... peace. Then there were stars all around.

She told me to look up and one star started to move towards us. The closer it got I knew it wasn't a star. It was her. It was Will. She looked more beautiful that she ever did on Earth. She was all lit up almost like a Christmas tree on Christmas morning. But it wasn't from cheesy lights on a string it was from within Willow.

My eye got misty and I felt a tear get caught behind my patch. Who knew that eyes could still cry after they were gone?

I cleared my throat. "Will...?"

"It's me Xander." I turned around and for the time being Cordelia was gone. It was just me and Willow. "Willow... I am so sorry. How?"

She smiled and took my hand. "Xan, it's not your fault. We can't think about that right now. We don't have a lot of time and I've got lots to fit in so just listen for right now, 'kay?"

I squeezed her hand and nodded. She took a deep breath that she probably didn't have to take any longer, she probably took it out of habit. Habit to dive into one of her long rambles, just like she used to. "Xander. You have to go with Cordy to L.A. You have to go and help Buffy. You are the one that sees remember? They will all need your help. You have always been the most reluctant champion that I've ever known but you always do what needs to be done. Even if it hurts."

She sighed and let go of my hand. "This is the Reader's Digest condensed books version. Giles is not Giles. He is the incarnate."

I looked at her in question. "Buffy killed Giles, well... not Giles ten years ago. She couldn't deal with the same sitch basically as when she sent Angel to hell so she made with the scadaddle. For ten years you and I have believed to be Giles hasn't been him. He killed me Xander."

I started to say something and she held her hand up and went on. "I know that you are going to feel guilt about not knowing Xan. But what's done is done. It cannot be undone. You have to go to L.A. and you have to stop drinking so much."

Rolling my eye, I started to say that my drinking was no big deal. "Resolve face Xander. No ifs ands or buts. I love you. If you can't do this for Buffy or for me, do it for Tara. She's back and she is going to need your help."

She disappeared before my eyes and I was back in my hotel room. Cordelia was sitting on the edge of my bed. Giving me a 'see? I told ya' kind of look.

"Cordelia. If ever you cared about me you have to do one thing for me."

She made a motion with her hand to go on. "Since you are a supreme being and all you gotta let me switch." That was her 'huh' face. "Let me take Will's place. She is so much more powerful than I am. She actually used the word champion on me. Can you believe it? I can't do this. She is the strong one and I am just a one-eyed ex-carpenter turned wannabe watcher."
10 February 2006 @ 04:38 pm

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21 January 2006 @ 03:03 pm
//locked against Anya and Lilah//

I locked this aginst Lilah because I know that Ahn can peer over her shoulder and read this.

Yes, that's right Anya is alive. I found out about that when I was doing the nice co-worker thing and I was gonna bring Lilah some flowers at the hospital. I dropped the flowers and smashed a vase when I saw her. She'd been around for awhile and hadn't thought to see me.

It hurts it really hurts when I found out that my former dead finacee was now presently alive. She'd been around and had talked to Giles, and Spike. They both knew and didn't tell me. I get why Spike didn't, he doesn't really even talk to me. Giles... he wanted to wait for Ahn to tell me herself. I get both reasons but it still stings.

Another thing, she says that she is a counselor at the hospital. I knew she was lying. I'm sure she is there on vengence. I just can't prove it. But why would she be seeing Lilah if that were the case?

I really don't know what to think about anything.

Oh, before I left the hospital I kissed Anya. I'm not really sure why I did it.


Birthday plans for Buff. Anyone know what the deal is? Are we doing anything or did you guys really decide on a girls only thing? Let me know.
11 January 2006 @ 10:27 pm
What do you fear the most?

Can we really get off these depressing topics here doc? How about delving into sexual fantasies, or you know, like dreams and their hidden inner meanings? Because that would be fun for me to write about. This kinda stuff, not really that happy. But you are a shrink so I guess I shouldn't expect anything better. Now, where is a good Freudian psychoanalyst when you need one? Because that'd be fun. We could talk about boobs and how I always would like to have one in my mouth. Or, you know, we could talk about Angel's penis. Just kidding... I think.

The thing I fear the most is people I care about dying. I should know a little about that. Two of my best friends died. First, Jesse. Buffy died twice. Luckily she came back. And, of course, Anya. I still don't think that I've completely gotten over her death. One of the reasons why that is would probably have to be because I never was able to make things right with her. I'd like to say that I started to, never quite got to finish the job though.

Second on my list of fears would probably have to be clowns. Ever since I was a little kid I was scared of them. What did my Dad think was a good idea to conquer that fear? Have a clown at one of my early childhood birthday parties. Gee, thanks Dad. Best birthday ever, only not.
24 December 2005 @ 11:52 pm
I'm not locking this one. Because I really don't care if everyone else reads it.

Whenever I hear the word hero I automatically think of that Bonnie Tyler song "Holding out for a Hero". Then that leads to thinking about Footloose, and then Kevin Bacon. Then of course when I think of Kevin Bacon I have to play the Kevin Bacon game. But it really isn't that fun to play it with myself.

I digress. I'm sure since you are my shrink and all you'll get used to that. I've been told before that I use humor as a way to not have to deal with what my real issues are. The first time my Dad went to rehab he stayed clean for a while and had this whole idea that we all were going to get healthy and go see a therapist. So that we could get all of our issues out in the open. I think my Dad was clearly taken over by a pod-person during that time.

So you want to know who my hero is huh? Well, if you know me or don't know me you'd probably think that answer was pretty easy. That is if you were privileged enough to know that my best friend was a vampire slayer. For many years, the only slayer. Until Kendra came along and then Faith. But that is neither here nor there because I am going to talk about someone else.

That someone is probably going to be very uncomfortable with reading this. Probably because he is British. Those British people seem to always be getting all uncomfortable when you talk to them about feelings. And if I didn't really have to write this I probably wouldn't.

Sorry Capt. Peroxide, just because I said British doesn't mean that I am talking about you. Me calling you my hero would probably be as likely as you calling me yours.

Cue the applause, cue the "come on down" music, because Giles you are my hero. Now don't skip by this and don't take your glasses off and start to clean them because they are probably clean enough for you to wait until you are done reading.

There are lots of reasons why the G-man is a hero to me. I'm not going to explain them all, just put some of the big ones out there.

Over time Giles became a father type figure to not only Buff, but also me and Wills. There were quite a few nights when it was too late to call Buff or Will's house and I had to knock on Giles door. Because either my Dad had kicked me out for either doing something stupid or he thought that I had done something stupid. Or he was just way too trashed for me to be around.

Most people if they move to a foreign country for a job and they lose their job they'd go back home. Not Giles. When the council fired him from being Buff's watcher he stayed.

When Will was trying to end the world when she went all black-eyed and veiny it was really him that saved us all. Not me. He knew that she would try and drain his magic that the coven had given to him. That's why he stayed close by. That was the good kind of happy magick that made Will realize that she was doing something really stupid. It was just coincidence that I was the first person to get to her.

The last thing is something that I never like to admit. I'm jealous of people that are smarter then me. And that's pretty much everybody. Giles is really smart and he always pretty much knows just what to do. I used to love to go to him for advice when I was younger, just 'cause he never tried to tell you exactly what to do. He would always just subtly point you in the right direction and say, 'that is your decision.'

There you have it.
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18 December 2005 @ 12:21 am
//locked against everyone//

So last weekend I hung out with Gunn and I was working on putting in a cool shelving unit in for him. Only a former carpenter like myself would think it was cool. All set in the wall and cabinet like. I took out some drywall to make the cabinet more hidden in the wall. Gunn wanted it to be one of those kind that would look like a normal bookshelf on the outside and then take one book out and bam! He'd have a hidden weapons storage space.

When I got the chunk of drywall out that I wanted out came tumbling a stange old looking black box thing.

Gunn kept on wanting to open it. I told him that it would be a better idea if he just waited. Who knew what was in that thing. I told him that it might be some evil demon trying to escape to take over our bodies. He laughed and told me that I had been living in SunnyD too long.

I just went back to work and I heard him say, "I'm just gonna take a peek."

I turned around and there was a huge flash of white light and when the light was gone, so was Gunn.

Now the reason why I haven't mentioned that I was with Gunn when all this went down is 'cause I don't want to be blamed for it. I don't want Deadboy to end up blaming me for his friend being gone and then fire me. 'Cause that's so how it'd probably go.

But now Wes has e-mailed me asking what I know and I just told him the truth. It sounds like that black box sucked Gunn into the future. Which is way weird. Can't say that I didn't warn him.

I might call Giles and see if he's ever heard of a box that can do time warps.


Work has been going pretty good these days. Boss-girl has been out dealing with Angelus. I really don't envy her that job.

Tara is going to Paris with Lindsey. I guess I'm going to have the place to myself for awhile. Don't worry Tar, I won't have too many keggers while your away. ;)

Savannah/Hannavas, when are you going to write me some more Legna/Rednax?
17 December 2005 @ 10:58 pm
To: watcher_pryce@livejournal.com
From: _xanderharris_@livejournal.com


I don't know how much I can help you really.

When I was knocking down part of his wall to make a recessed shelving unit a black box came tumbling out.

Gunn kept on wanting to open it thinking that it had some hidden treasure inside. I told him it's best to not open those kind of things unless you know what is in them. You should pass that info onto G-man, he'd never believe that I was cautious for a change.

I turned my back and when I turned back around he was gone. I didn't think much of it... just figured he'd gone to get another beer. He didn't come back. The box was on the floor unopened so I just thought that he split.

Hope that helps ya,
15 December 2005 @ 12:41 pm
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Angel! Stop staring at my ass neck!
11 December 2005 @ 11:14 pm
Top Ten Reasons Why Angel should submit to the love/lust of Xander Harris

10) Faith taught me how to make men like you pop like warm champagne.

9) Buff is never gonna get over Spike.

8) I'd let you taste me in more ways than one.

7) I'd let you be the President of the Harmony Hating Club and the Vice-President of the Spike hating club.

6) We can sing cheesy love song duets together. You be the Captain and I'll be Tenille.

5) You will have my love and adoration for all time... or until I die.

4) You can do more then just "look" at my neck.

3) I'd tell you what it's like to BE with Cordy.

2) And Faith...

and the number 1 reason why Angel/Xander is OTP!!!111!!1 4eva is...

1) You'll never run out of a constant supply of hair gel ala Something About Mary.